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Chemise a la Reine

Chemise a la Reine (The Chemise Dress)
In the 1780s, the Chemise Dress into fashion. A white сhemise, which was worn on underwear, a corset, skirts, or even on a naked body, everything depended on the courage of the fashionista. The dress was pulled with a colored belt at the waist or under the bust. One of the first images of a chemise-dres was in 1781 on the Comtesse Du Barry, but it came into fashion after the appearance of Queen Marie Antoinette in a portrait of Élisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun in 1783.
Styles of chemise gowns varied, as did the ways of wearing them. Some had fuller, three-quarter sleeves like a shift, others long, fitted sleeves. Some cinched the gown at the waist, others below the bust.
Later, this dress became the mainstay of the Empire style, as a dress with a high waist and often without a belt.

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