Drawn stockings

In the 20th century, women’s skirts began to be shortened, and legs without stockings were indecent. Ultra-fashionistas begin to paint their legs with patterns, imitating stockings.


The Babydoll is a short, sleeveless or lantern sleeves, loose-fitting nightgown or negligee, intended as nightwear for women. Sometimes the shirt is complete with short pants (closer fitting briefs) with elastic waist and legs.


The Panier or Pannier (also “side hoops”) from French – “basket”. This is a frame made of willow or steel rods or whalebone plates to keep the skirt fashionable.

Baby walker

The Baby walker (de. Lauflernhilfe, fr. Trotteur, ru. Ходунки, es. Andador) is device that can be used by infants who cannot walk on their own to move from one place to another.