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The Peineta is is a decorative comb, a hair ornament, consists of a convex body and a set of teeth that affix it to hair worn in a bun. The peineta was once made of tortoise shell or ivory, but is now usually made of synthetic materials.
Peineta is not always decorative, it can also be functional – holding the hair high or pulling it like a hairpin.
In the 1820s, Peineta entered the fashion world. By the 1830s, hairstyles were getting bulkier and Peineta was getting bigger. Since the mid-1830s, Peineta has become a moderate size, goes out of trend, but remains relevant until the 1940s.
The large decorative comb (peineta) has been part of the Spanish national costume since at least the 19th century, although earlier evidence of its use is known. The large peineta is worn with the mantilla.

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