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Archery fashion

Archery is one of the few sports available to women since ancient times. Archery does not require a lot of activity, so women could shoot with a bow and keep decorum in their clothes.
We will not talk about the history of archery. We are not experts in sports. Let’s talk about the fact that a woman with a bow was an alligory for the goddess Diana (Artemis) or was like an Amazon. Numerous portraits from the 16th to 18th centuries depicted noble ladies as Diana, the goddess of the hunt. A very popular activity among the nobility.
Until the 19th century, there were no special clothes for archery, hunting clothes or riding clothes were worn for this. A comfortable jacket is the main foundation of an archery suit. They wore a chatelaine on their belt to record the results. Skirts were of various volumes and lengths, depending on the fashion.

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