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20th century makeup

The history of makeup is as old as this world. Many books have been written about this. Therefore, we will briefly talk about the 20th century. When choosing materials for this post, it came to the understanding that every decade can become a separate post about Makeup. Perhaps we will do that.
Makeup in the 19th century was natural, or as they say now Naked. The ladies used makeup, but did it in such a way that no one would notice. The exception is the women of “Easy Virtue”.
At the beginning of the 20th century, cinema began to influence the image of beauty. Bright makeup, emphasizing shadow and light, enhancing the drama in films, was technically necessary. Due to the poor quality of the film, contrasting makeup was necessary. So Smokey Eyes and bright lipstick come into fashion.
Eyebrow line and thickness changes every decade. Bright red lipstick is replaced by almost neutral shades. The fashionable shape of the lips also changes every decade. 1920s lips “bows”; 1930s thin, small lips; 1940s lips are bright, juicy red shades.

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