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Robe de Style

Robe de Style is a fashionable dress style of the 1920s with a voluminous skirt, which distinguished this style from the then popular rectangular silhouette. The top of the dress remained straight, or even rectangular, and with a low waist, and the bottom of the dress was complemented by petticoats, crinolines, nets and all kinds of decor. The Robe de Style was ornate and was usually worn as an evening dress, a wedding dress, or a dressy dress.
Robe de Style introduced Jeanne Lanvin into fashion. But she was not the creator of a new silhouette. Similar models can be found as early as the mid-1910s. The trend was picked up by various fashion houses known for their versions of the Robe de Style, including Boué Soeurs, Callot Soeurs, Doeuillet and Lucile.

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