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Hobble skirt

The Hobble skirt (de. Humpelrock; nl. Strompelrok) is a skirt with a narrow hem. Hobble skirts were a fashion trend that peaked between 1908 and 1914.
It was called a “hobble skirt” for that very reason; it seemed to hobble any woman as she tried to walk around while wearing one. French fashion designer Paul Poiret claimed the invention of the hobble skirt, but it is not clear whether this is true. Other designers such as Lucy Duff-Gordon, Jeanne Paquin and Léon Bakst also designed hobble skirts at the time.


The Hobble skirt – стиль юбки, настолько узкой внизу, что препятствовала ходьбе. Юбка была популярна в 1910-х годах.

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