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The Doublet (fr. Pourpoint; ru. Дублет; de. Wams; es. Jubón; it. Farsetto) is a men’s snug-fitting jacket . The Doublet appears in the mid-14th century, and comes from the clothing worn by knights under armor. The Doublet is worn over a chemise and can be both streetwear and hidden under other clothes (armor, cloak, jerkin, mantle, houppelande, etc.). The Doublet is almost always with sleeves or with slit sleeves. Initially, the Doublet was up to mid-thigh, but by the 15th century it was very much shortened to the waist. Then longer styles come into fashion again and the part below the waist resembles a Basque. Until the 16th for centuries, highways were tied to the doublet. The fashion for the Doublet is constantly changing. In the 16th century the panseron (or a peascod belly) comes into vogue – the Doublet in the abdomen becomes rigid and with a specially created belly. The doublet was a permanent feature of men’s fashion until the 1640s.

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