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Overalls (fr. Salopette; de. Latzhose; es. Overol; it. Salopette; pl. Ogrodniczki; ru. Комбинезон; pt. Jardineira; nl. Tuinbroek) are a type of garment that combines pants and a top. The classic overalls consist of pants, a bib and shoulder straps. There are several types of related clothing types: overalls, coveralls, romper and jumpsuit. In some countries, this is one type of clothing, differing only in top, and therefore the name may be one.
Overalls appeared in the middle of the 19th century as men’s work clothes. Overalls were originally made of denim, but they can also be made of other materials such as corduroy, chino cloth, or leather. Overalls were a uniform and was not worn as a fashion item. In men’s fashion, there is no such development of overalls as in women’s.
In the 1910s, overalls were worn by women forced to work hard jobs instead of men who had gone to the WWI. The jumpsuit appears in the 1930s. The upper part of the jumpsuit could be a blouse, shirt, top. The jumpsuit is worn with a shirt or T-shirt, while the jumpsuit can be worn with or without underwear. In the 1930s, the “romper suite” appeared – a short version of the overalls (shorts plus top). Rompers were popular as summer wear, beachwear, or were called “play suits”.
In the 1940s, women again stood up for hard work and overalls were already entrenched in women’s fashion.
There is also “coveralls” or “boilersuit” are a type of garment that combines a jacket and pants. Coveralls are a garment with long sleeves or covers the maximum of the body, hence the name. But not all languages have a special term. Coveralls are a work uniform that are still in use nowadays.

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