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A beret is a type of headdress without a brim, just a crown. The beret is usually made of felt, but can be made of velvet, silk or knitted. Often decorated with feathers and brooches. The beret can be made as solid or sewn from several parts.
The beret appears in the 14th century, but becomes popular around 1500s. Sometimes the beret can be confused with similar headdresses: the Tudor bonnet and the Toque hat, but they have a brim and the beret does not.
The beret is often used as a uniform, but in this post we will look at the beret as part of fashion. Sometimes a beret can be part of a national costume (for example, the Basque Country), culture (for example, in the Netherlands, Zwarte Piet) and the subject of stereotypes (for example, the French beret).

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