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Apollo Knot

The Apollo Knot hairstyle is a fashion trend of the 1820s – 1830s. The hairstyle is combed into three parts: in the front, the hair is parted, curled and laid at the sides, and at the back of the head, long hair is combed high and tied in a knot, sometimes called a “crown.” The knot is decorated with flowers, feathers, jewels and braids. Sometimes the knot is combed only from braids, then it is called a “basket”.
The hairstyle takes its name from the hairstyle of the statue of Apollo Belvedere. It’s difficult to say what the similarities are. This name appears in the mid-1820s, but if you trace the fashion for hairstyles from the beginning of the 19th century, you can see a trend, not a novelty.
Usually the hairstyle was combed with a straight parting, but sometimes also with a side parting – asymmetrically and was called “Whipped Cream”.

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