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March 8 – International Women’s Day. It is based on suffragism, emancipation and various types of women’s struggle for rights. Under the name Suffragettes, we will bring together different types of women’s rights activists, although this applies to a greater extent to the history of the United States. The history of the struggle for women’s rights can be read on Wikipedia. But when we talk about suffragists, we mean the 1900s – 1910s.
Suffragettes have never been fashionistas, but it was the influence of their ideas that introduced trousers into women’s fashion, the absence of a corset, shortening the skirt, smoking, and so on. The appearance of a suffragette does not differ much from the fashion of her time. Often this is middle-class fashion, comfortable clothes (by the standards of the time), tape across the shoulder or bows with symbols. Suffragettes differed not in clothes, but in behavior.

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