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Negligee (from the French négligé – “neglected”; also déshabillé – “naked”) is a type of nightwear, usually a robe, worn over a nightgown or pajamas. A negligee is not a public garment worn in the bedroom. Very similar to Robe de chambre (Schlafrock, Dressing gown and Banyan), but not as thick. Negligee and Peignoir are often confused, but they have different functions. The peignoir is worn over clothes for hair or makeup to avoid staining the clothes. A negligee only covers a nightgown or chemise.
The negligee appeared in the last quarter of the 17th century. In the 18th century, boudoirs and boudoir salons were very popular, when they received visitors while styling their hair and drinking chocolate or coffee. It was not decent to be in a negligee, so negligees were very popular. In the 19th century, negligees became similar to robes and it is already difficult to tell which is a negligee and which is a peignoir.
Peignoir popularity peaked in the 1930s – 1940s with the Golden Age of Hollywood. Silk, feathers, lace and fur were used to create the image of a luxurious woman. In the 1950s, silk was replaced by nylon and other synthetic fabrics. The cost gets lower. Every woman can afford to have a negligee. But the spirit of luxury remained.

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